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Who we are & what we do?

We're a bridge between you and Me

Sarva Jan Hitaya Rakshak Samiti is a registered Organisation leading the public interest and human welfare, making people aware of the society in India and working for the society for their upliftment. The objective of the organization is to make the people who are deprived of their rights in the absence of information, and to lead them towards the golden future.

Mainly in the event of accidental death, the grieving family of the departed soul can get government schemes and other potentially beneficial benefits, legal advice, financial help to the needy, better guidance for good education of children, better guidance for employment, better future of the family. To provide guidance as well as help by showing a better path.

Sarva Jan Hitaya Rakshak Samiti, works include especially by making people aware of corruption, to eradicate corruption in the society and to create a prosperous nation. To guide women to gain justice by making them aware of violence and other crimes against themselves. To provide guidance to the people to avail government schemes. Providing counseling when legal assistance is required.

The only objective of the Sarva Jan Hitaya Rakshak Samiti is to ensure the rights of all deprived people. The society is committed to improving the quality of life of the deprived people by giving them their rights.